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Powerbuilt® is the premier tool and equipment brand marketed by Alltrade® Inc for the American and world-wide market. The Powerbuilt® product line has been painstakingly developed and refined by AlltradesR & D Special product development teams, to ensure each and every product meets or exceeds The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard. ANSI is considered to be the governing standards for hand tool fit, finish and performance in the United States market. Powerbuilt® hand tools are trusted and used by millions of serious D.I.Y, Trade and Industrial people all around the world everyday.

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Please note that not all the Powerbuilt tools showen under Lift and Service equipment
are not currently available in Australia.

Lifetimae Warranty
All Powerbuilt hand tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacture defect. Lift Equipment, Tool Boxes and Roller Cabinets have a shorter warranty period. See individual packaging. Warranty does not cover wear and tear, misuse or abuse.

Powerbuilt Tools meet or exceed tough ANSI (American National Standards Institute) specifications.


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